About Financial Transformation Group

Financial Transformation Group is a partnership of three financial professionals, Barbara Stetzko, Jim Hough and Fernando Romero. Barb works in the Brooksville and Crystal River area. Jim and Fernando are both located in Brandon. These three have known each other for years. They share the same philosophy about client service and meeting clients’ needs. Very importantly, we are all process focused, not product focused.

Why the merger?

Collectively, Barb, Jim and Fernando have over 100 years’ experience in the financial planning industry. Including staff, we have over 150 years’ experience. There have been many changes in the business during our years. Those changes–in product, in tax code, in estate planning applications, in processes and especially in regulatory requirements–have been huge. By joining together, we can better serve clients and offer more to our clients than we can individually. All the members are long-term in this business. We enjoy, and want to maintain, a long-term relationship with our clients. We are currently seeking younger advisors that we can groom to carry on the service level and commitments we have made to our clients. Our larger group will make it easier to attract younger advisors to join the group and grow with us.

Each office will maintain its separate name and identity, but the three offices will become proud members of THE FINANCIAL TRANSFORMATION GROUP. You will see the new name on various documents and office mail.

Our Promise to You

Please know that nothing is changing in our relationship with you. You are still the most important reason we exist as a financial office. The changes we are making will give even greater opportunity and flexibility to serve you. We can offer you, family and friends the best in financial planning service and look forward to serving you for years to come.

Let the Financial Transformation Group help you achieve your financial goals